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Logan's/Scrip Card Fundraising

Logan's proudly participates in SCRIP fundraising programs, helping schools and non-profit organizations raise money. SCRIP's programs offer organizations the opportunity to purchase Logan's gift cards at a discount and then re-sell them at full price.

For more information on the Logan's/SCRIP fundraising program, please contact Amy West or Karen Davis at (615) 885-9056.

Logan's Roadside Relief Effort

Logan's primary community relations program is the Logan's Roadhouse Relief Effort, an organized program which provides support to communities in time of natural disaster or other devastation. Our goal is to provide support to our communities in times when it is needed most.

The Logan's Roadhouse Relief Effort responds in times of crisis by providing hot meals to emergency response teams, community volunteers and community members, on site at no charge. The Logan's team is often the first team to arrive and the last team to leave each affected area. We have responded to communities affected by hurricanes, tornadoes, and other devastating events.

When not on the road assisting with a disaster, the Roadside Relief Effort supports various community functions.

To make our Roadside Relief Effort as successful as possible, we must channel the monetary resources for community relations to Logan's Roadhouse Relief Effort.

For organizations in need of fundraising assistance, Logan's Roadhouse takes part in SCRIP fundraising.

Community Relations

Logan's Roadhouse has been committed to giving back to our communities since we opened our doors. Currently our community support has grown to focus on two major initiatives: Logan's Roadhouse Roadside Relief Effort and Logan's/SCRIP Card fundraising.