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General Questions

Q.    Do Logan’s Roadhouse gift cards expire?

A.    No, our gift cards do not expire.

Q.    Is there a fee charged if I do not use my gift card within a specific time frame?

A.    No, there are no fees charged to your gift card at anytime, for any reason.

Q.    Does Logan’s Roadhouse replace or refund lost or stolen gift cards?

A.    No, once an order is received accurately and undamaged, we do not replace lost or stolen cards. Gift cards are treated the same as cash. 

Q.    Can I receive a refund on unused gift cards?

A.    No, we will not refund any unused gift cards, except where required by law.

Q.    In what denominations are Logan’s Roadhouse gift cards available?

A.    Our gift cards are available in denominations between $10 and $250.

Q.    Are you affiliated with any other restaurant(s) where my gift card can be used?

A.    No, our gift cards can only be used at Logan’s Roadhouse restaurants.

Q.    How do I check the balance on my gift card?

A.    You can check your Logan’s Roadhouse gift card balance by clicking here. You may also call us at 800-322-6857.

Q.    How do I check the status of my online gift card order?

A.    After placing a gift card order online at, a confirmation page will appear, which informs you of your confirmation number and other details of your order. You will also receive an email confirming your order.

Q.    Where can I purchase Logan’s Roadhouse gift cards other than the website?

A.    Aside from our website, our gift cards can be purchased at any Logan’s Roadhouse restaurant locations throughout the US. Click here to find a location near you.

Bulk Gift Card Orders

Q.    Does Logan's Roadhouse offer discounts on bulk gift card orders?

A.    Yes, we do offer competitive discounts on bulk orders based on the dollar amount per order.

  • $500-$999 - 5% discount
  • $1000 or more – 10% discount

Q.    How do I place a bulk order?

A.    To place a bulk order, please call us at 800-815-9056. (Contacts: Amy West x 1208 or Cathy Green x 1445).

Q.    What are your shipping options for bulk gift card orders?

A.    All gift card bulk orders are shipped via UPS ground, free of charge. Gift Card purchases of $5000 or greater are shipped via UPS 2-day, free of charge.

Q.    What payment options do I have when making a bulk gift card purchase?

A.    We accept all major credit cards, as well as approved company checks.