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Purpose & Values

Our Purpose Statement: Why we exist and how we make the world a better place.
  • Bring to life our values in a way that positively impacts our team members, guests and communities. (Values)
  • Create a unique Logan's experience that is so great and so affordable that guests will eat out with us more often. (Value)
  • Increase long-term sales and profits. (Valued)
Lot's of companies have a "Values Statement," so how can you know they mean what they say? Well, we can't speak for others, but we can tell you about how we at Logan's Roadhouse® came to develop and share our Values.
It all started in 2003 when we became determined to make Logan's Roadhouse into a great place to eat, drink, and have fun. We figured that, as employees, we all had to believe in the same things to consistently provide our guests with the great Logan's experience they want.
So, we used a lot of collective brain power thinking about what is important and we had a lot of discussions about what words like "respect" and "fun" mean. These discussions happened throughout the company and involved everyone, from the restaurant managers and team members in all our locations to the folks at the home office who support our operations every day.
By 2004, we all had a clear vision of what we had been talking about, and we were able to put it into writing. We think it's important for all of our team members to share these same values, and we hope you agree!
  • Platinum Passion - We treat everyone with courtesy, honesty and respect.
  • Team Members - We stay fresh and develop others.
  • Guest First - We think and act "guest first."
  • Yeehaw! - We have a creative, playful spirit.
  • Exceed the Need - We strive to be "GREAT."